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What is Let's Make a Movie?

Let's Make a Movie is a free resource for filmmakers, actors and other media professionals.

Let's Make a Movie allows you to find your cast and crew, find companies catering to the media industries as well as various organisations supporting the media industry.

Let's Make a Movie also allows you to manage your productions, hold auditions online, show off your projects on the site and much more...

All these features are completely free so sign up today!

I created Let's Make a Movie in 2013, originally as a test bed for new website code and features. As a filmmaker and FX artist I was desperate to create a website where you can find cast and crew all in one place, as well as every other thing you need to make a movie such as equipment hire, studio space and so on. Since then it's grown and evolved and we hope to improve on it with this new generation of the site.

     - Michael Steadman (Owner - Gryphon Media and The FX Machine)


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